Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hey everyone, my first post!

Hi guys!

I am the kind of person who loves life, meeting new people, and having great conversation. This may be the reason why I thought I would try this thing out! I would describe myself as being attractive, intelligent, ambitious, passionate and a little shy.

In my free time, I love to work out, go to the movies, read, listen to music, hang with friends, and of course travel. I would say that travelling is my passion. I also love the enviorment, I do everything to help the environment, I even drive a biodiesel car! Any chance I get to go to new places, I'm there!

I'm looking for people to chat with, get to know, and become friends with, although meeting my prince charming would be awesome. I guess I'm just looking for great new memories!

If this sounds good to you, don't be afraid to contact me. Have fun and good luck!


diana said...

Congrats on your post.Welcome to the fraternity. The more the merrier. This is Diana from Israeli Uncensored News

Batuhan Budak said...

Greetings from Turkey!

First of all, I'm really sorry to write this to here. I didn't find any contact place to use. Anyway. I have a blog which is writting in English (You can see it on my profile) and I really need some blogrolls as you. I hope you help me about this. Please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you very much :)

Chanty said...

I also didn't know how to contact you elsewhere. I'm also a blogger and i'm doing a Bloggers Face-Off, you can check the link for more info :)